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Shan Shan

Shan Shan (b. 1988, China) is a visual artist and live performer. Her film and installation work has been shown in the US and internationally. Working with both analog film and digital video, Shan Shan is very interested in visual experiences that can’t move beyond conventional dialogue. Her recent work focuses on live visual projection. She has participated in several workshops and electronic festivals in Europe, and collaborated with many international artists throughout the years.


FRI, 3/21
Opening Reception
Power Plant Gallery, American Tobacco Campus

SUN, 4/6
Premiere Performance
The Carrack Modern Art

SAT, 4/12
Encore Screening
Silent 3:05
Full Frame Theater, American Tobacco Campus



Dual-channel installation
Digital video, Sound
Filmed in Iceland

What is our experience? Where is memory? In Unstable…Summer… I mixed fragmented footage, electronic sound waves, and layers of filters to investigate the space between mechanical possibilities and material reality. The fundamental concept was thinking about the camera as a mechanical eye. It records and replaces moments of human emotion, eventually transforming them into a digital form of memory. In the virtual world this multiplies into infinite possibilities. No feelings of temperature; no feelings of heat; no feelings of sensation.


Live audiovisual performance

Central to my work is process and medium. In the live audiovisual performance project,
I will be able to perform the ultimately necessary investigation of the audio-visual culture of a digitalized world. Improvisation is the heart of this project. My vision is to complete real-time control of visual reality. Playing live allows me to experience the most creative freedom where the audience, time-line and the actual space is part of the process. It’s intuitive. It’s real.

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